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Technical Analysis
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All analyses carried out by Flexi Analysis include a comments and a chart image. The comments concisely summarize the analysis and opinion of Flexi Analysis as illustrated in detail on the chart.

Flexi Analysis preferred scenario is indicated as an arrow on the chart as well as in the comments. Flexi Analysis also provides two price targets ─ the first corresponds to a conservative strategy, the second to a more aggressive one.

The pivot point, represented in blue on our charts, is the key level on each one of the technical analysis. When the asset price breaks and closes beyond this level, the preferred scenario is invalidated. In that case, Flexi Analysis considers that a change in psychology is occurring on the market and the alternative scenario becomes the preferred scenario.

The comments are an important element of our technical analyses. They provide additional important information on the preferred scenario, in particular our analysis of the technical indicators.

The comments on the key levels specify the importance of each of these levels. The number of stars indicated for each key level specifies the importance of the level and varies depending on how likely it is to be broken: 1 star for a low importance level, 2 stars for an average importance level and 3 stars for a major importance level.
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