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Distribute Flexi Analysis premium content on all your digital media platforms to all your clients through State of the art web application

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Take advantage of an independent opinion that is free from any conflict of interest. Discuss directly with our Senior Analysts and boost your returns.

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Private Ivestors

Part of Flexi Analyssi research is available for private investors on their online broker or bank website. Please contact your broker/bank to see if you can access our research on their trading platform.

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Flexi Analysis is the chosen application for the leading brokers around the world who are looking to offer their clients actionable trade analysis of different time frames from intrday to medium term analysis through state of art Web application..

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We cover
Flexi Analysis covers more then 35 Stock exchanges around the world. Flexi Analysis constantly adding more exchanges and pairs.
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Flexi Analysis

We Build Better Future for Your Traders Business Clients Marketing

35 stock exchanges covered
Flexi Analysis cover analysis of equities of more then 35 stock exchanges/
80 Currency pairs
80 currency pairs covered
5 differe language
flexi analysis is available in 5 different languages
7 times daily update
Major pairs update 7 times daily so trader
No setup cost
If you opt our services there will be no setup cost or any additional cost
Cetified member
Flexi Analysis is certified member of various research organizations
2500 articles per day
around 2500 research articles per day of different asseets classes
7500 global large caps

[ Flexi Mobile App ]
Flexi Mobile app is state of the art one of its kind app which provide research analysis to its clients.
  • 1
    Free for All
    Flexi App is available free of cost in google play store. which is availble to all trader
  • 2
    Analysis on the Go
    Flexi APP is easy to use and in easy to understand. You don't have to be on computer to access analysis now.
  • 3
    Corporate Broker Clieints
    Separate Corporate login for corporate clients. Flexi App can be offered by corporate clients further to their clients free of any cost
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